International cultural eco-project «Russian square»


Omsk art residency and Omsk regional non-profit foundation for creative youth support “Grani” sponsored by Presidential Grant Foundation present

International cultural eco-project «Russian square» 

Environmental problems caught attention of the general public in the context of 2020 challenges. We realized how important it is to save resources that are vital for people. Russia is rightly considered to be an ecological donor of our planet. Its vast forests play a huge role in world ecosystem. However, right now they are in need of protection and reforestation. Last year’s forest fires and extensive deforestation in Russia became a base for a new major project - International cultural festival «Russian square». The aim of this project is to draw attention to global deforestation.

The name of the festival has a deep meaning. “Russian square” is a symbolic image of deforested squares of forest in Siberia. Everyone can notice that more and more “checkered forests” appear on the Russia’s map. Taiga is no longer dense, but rather thin. Cutting down square areas makes forests vulnerable and easily exposed to fire.

 “Russian square” is also a reference to Russian 20th century avant-garde. Art is always the first one to respond to challenges sharply.

Festival participants are asked to implement an art project – textile scarf or digital scarf sketch.

The scarves will make up a base for interactive installation in the shape of a labyrinth. The starting point will be “black forest”, and then spectators will go through a “red zone” and end the journey at “green hope”. The authors hope is that their artworks protect what inspires them.

Festival’s target participants include professional artists, graphic designers, designers in various fields, students of higher education organizations and colleges, school students, students of children’s schools of arts, etc. There is no age limit.

Participants can implement an art project in accordance with chosen participation format and nomination.

Participation formats:

- highly-artistic piece – a scarf. Handmade finished product using traditional techniques for decorating the surface of a scarf (embroidery, painting, weaving, perforation), as well as mixed and alternative textile design techniques;

- highly-artistic piece – a print. Development of a print for further printing on fabric, computer image processing.



  1. «Black forest» – participants express their thoughts on burnt out forest with dead flora and fauna. “Black forest” is a metaphorical symbol of the start and the end. The black represents many positive and negative associations, such as fear, mystery, and unknown. Any kind of color of the color spectrum can be used together with black.

  2. «Red zone» – this nomination makes you think of your attitude: what can I do for the nature? The overwhelming power of fire is contained in red. Everything is destroyed by it, it is extremely dangerous. When you go into this zone, you understand that there is no escape; the destructive power is too intense. Danger, anxiety, vulnerability, hastiness.

  3. «Green border» – the authors are asked to develop the theme of rehabilitation, hope, and future. Green color is a symbol of growth, safety, and balance. One needs to feel the nature’s border between danger and peace.


The project (a scarf) should have a name that reflects chosen nomination and creative theme.

Participants should send the following documents to

– An application (the form can be found in a Statute);

– Preview with  text and visual information on the creative idea, sources, analogues, techniques used, etc. that reflect nomination and project’s name (in .docx format);

– For “Scarf” participation format: participant bring the scarf themselves or send it by postal mail (postage expenses are covered by a participant) to the address 644043, Omsk city, Krasnogvardeiskaya st., bld. 9. Contacts: Shaidurov Aleksandr Valerievich, +79618826349.

– For “Print” participation format: participants attach 2 files to an application: in tiff format, size 150 cm by 150 cm, resolution no less than 300 dpi  and a file in jpg format with resolution of 1080х1080 pixels.

– Additional photographs (optional) that demonstrate interesting interaction of the scarf and space, scarf and human’s body, dynamic solutions.

Application deadline: December 10, 2020.


The scarves will make up an installation and will be showcased as a unified display area which represent the main idea of the festival –hope for respect and preservation of our nature. 

International cultural eco-project “Russian square” has 2 stages:

1st stage: online-festival “Russian square” – public showcase of participants’ works regarding ecological theme.

2nd stage: three travelling exhibitions of the best works in Saint Petersburg, Omsk, and Kostroma.

Events will take place from December 10, 2020 until February 28, 2021.


More information and participation conditions, as well as event dates will be revised and published on, official Vkontakte group; Tel.:  8-(3812)-24-29-60; instagram 

Applications are welcomed until December 10, 2020:, letter subject “Application. Russian square”

We would be glad if academic staff and students of your educational institution would take part in this international cultural eco-project.